Defensive Strategies

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Defensive Strategies

Post by Ghosty21 on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:13 am

Hey guys, i think its time we start working on solid defensive strategies.

Post strategies in groups of, Group Strategies, Solo Stratagies, Online and Offline. for example. here is one of mine i believe would be essential.

Solo Warehouse Strategy. - Online and Offline.

as you put your resources in the market at a high price no one would buy. make all your wearhouses store only food and enough so you can disaster relief. and support some troops. possibly an idea for those who have high level markets to put your food in there in lots equal to what your warehouses can hold so you can take it back out as you need it.

Also, change all your productions so you have 0 produce on all other resources and make sure food is on 100, this saves you for funding the attackers war effort, and will allow you to produce food to save your castles. and hopefully keep your people happy enough you dont get to 0 population.


Solo Defences Strategy - Online and Offline.

I beleive warehouses, rolling logs, and defencive trebuchet and some Abatis is where the good defence lies, Traps are okay for when your just starting and need to feel you have some defence, as you and your enemies get up in your research Traps seem to be less effective.

I aim for atleast 10k archery towers per town, and between 500-2k of the other defences. also traps are a good quick way to fill in defences after you have been attacked, but only do this if you can afford it or it might not be worth it in the long run.


Group Transport Strategy - Online

For those with high relief stations, you could find another alliance member that is far away, but not too far away to send your transports out with goods just prior to being attacked, and recall them as the attacks finish. having a high relief station will lower the time spent sending back and forth, sometimes it could be benificial to add a camp time to it, but bare in mind the camptime also increases the return time by the same amount. and dont forget, about your transports you dont want to be sending the last of your goods to a member by accident, even worse if they arent online to return it to you.

so yeah guys, if we could sort it out with that kind of lay out, it will make it easy for people to read them as they need to and get the most from it.. and the more strategies the better so dont hold back:)

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